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Beautiful Desert

training needs analysis

Training for challenging times

the problem

So often training departments feel overloaded.  In other organisationas line managers simply don't have enough time to deal with training issues. 


What happens is employees can end up going on the wrong courses, or badly delivered courses, or on courses that simply don't deliver what they promised to deliver.   Time, effort and money of the employees and the organisation ends up being wasted.  Training starts to become viewed as an unnecessary evil or even worse, a waste of time and effort. 


Employees can start to feel as if they are wandering across the desert.  They can feel lost and demotivated, as their thrist for skills and new knowledge, stuff that could help them survive and thrive, feels harder to obtain than ever. 

Meanwhile competitors forge ahead, as they embrace new opportunities revealed through sending the right people, on the right course at the right time.

Sand Desert

the solution

We can work with your organisation to ensure time, money and effort spent on training:

  • helps your organisation attain its business goals; and

  • helps your employees achieve their own career goals within that organisation. 

Walk in the Desert
Camel in Desert
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