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Training for challenging times

our mission and vision

To help empower and educate people through running training courses that are entertaining.


To help revolutionise training, so no one ever again attends a training course that's so boring, or so irrelevant, that it's a total waste of time, money and effort, or even worse, leaves attendees feeling despondent and worried about their career choice.

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To help people be happy with their career choices.


To help training managers, line managers and individuals, by providing a safe place for them to talk confidentially about training needs.


To help banish bad, boring and indifferent courses to the history books.

To help ensure people and organisations get value for money from training sessions.  

To help people who accidentally hold themselves back, to be their best self.

Beautiful Desert

about our founder
jane harries

Jane established TNA Consulting Services to help organisations obtain more from their training budget. 

She specialises in fixing training problems and in particular, helping organisations achieve their business objectives, by developing a training strategy that works for them and their people.

Jane has a post graduate certificate in professional development and education.  She has also completed several train the trainer courses, both in the UK and overseas.  


Jane has worked in the Big 4 Professional Services firms in London, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, where her background as a (non practising) solicitor and chartered tax advisor, meant she was ideal for conducting training courses on topics as diverse as tax technology, risk compliance, and legislative changes.  She then moved to Kaplan (Australia) as a specialist trainer, before returning to the UK where she joined Thomson Reuters.  Whilst at Thomson Reuters, Jane planned, wrote and delivered tax software training to law and professional services firms, FTSE 100 companies and private equity firms.

Ever since she spent a month in hospital way back in 2008 thanks to post surgery complications, Jane has been passionate not just about living her best life, but also about helping other people to live their best life, after all, none of us know how long we have on this planet.


In her spare time Jane runs an online magazine Adventure She which aims to empower, educate and entertain people through sharing stories of adventure.  Jane is a bit  of an adventurer herself, having raced across New Zealand in the infamous Speights Coast to Coast, completed the Marathon des Sables (a seven day, approximately 250 kms, self supporting foot race in the Sahara desert) and qualifying for and finishing the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships at her first attempt. 


She is also a TEDx speaker, is a multi prize winning Toastmaster,  winning prizes for delivering speeches,  and in 2017,  made the UK finals of Toastmasters impromptu speaking competition. 

Desert Cactus Landscape
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