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Beautiful Desert

motivational talks and workshops 

Training for challenging times

the problem

So often a speaker is hired in to give a motivational talk.  The speaker might be a brilliant climber, mountaineer, or sailor.  But, what do they truly know of the business environment and what it's like to work in an office day in, day out?


Does their talk motivate attendees?  Or, does their talk alienate attendees? 


Whilst some audience members might be fascinated, others could end up feeling inferior, as if they have achieved nothing in their life.  Some audience members could even end up resigning and heading of on a big trip of their own, leading to additional recruitment costs and wasted time and effort in having trained up those employees. 


the solution

Camel in Desert

When done properly, motivational talks and workshops can be great at helping employees feel empowered and valued. 


Our talks and workshops aren't about climbing Mount Everest, or sailing around the world, or skiing to Antarctica.  They are on challenges which can be achieved during a weekend such as a 100 kms charity hike, or adventure races and ultras like the Coast to Coast or the Marathon des Sables.  Challenges which really are achieveable without having to mortgage or even sell one's house.  Challenges which many if not most of us could understand with enough training, motivation and resilience.


They are talks designed to help audience members deal with issues like fear, procrastination and self doubt, issues which so often hold us back and stop us from living our best life. 

They are talks which we have experienced and lived.  They say a fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise person learns from another's mistakes.  May you be the wise person who learns from our experiences. 

Nomad Desert
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