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Training for challenging times

the problem

Today's competitive environment means all employees need to be able to deliver pitches and presentations, for example:

  • To show why you deserve a bigger pay rise.

  • To explain why it's essential you team increases its head count.

  • To inform senior management.

  • To pitch to a key target.

  • To deliver a team presentation.

Lack of skill, nerves, already overburdened with work, people often leave the preparation of pitches to the last minute.  But with rivals (be they rivals for that next promotion or external rivals trying to steal one of your key targets), putting a lot of effort into their pitches, now it's more essential than ever, for you to seize the moment and work on your own presentation skills.  After all, why accidentally let yourself down, by neglecting this key area.  

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the solution

Most of us don't like to admit we have weaknesses.  But who's the stronger person?  The person who says "I need to work on that so that I can move on" or the person who says "I'll ignore that weakness of mine and stay as I am".


Still, many of us still don't want to publicly admit our weaknesses, particularly not to collleagues and superiors.  So why not  instead share your pitching concerns with us?


Having originally trained in law, our founder knows the importance of confidentiality.  We'd be delighted to work with you on a one to one basis, to help you overcome your fears and to become as  confident as you can be with your pitching and presenting skills. 

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