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Beautiful Desert

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Training for challenging times

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Offices half empty, boardrooms silent, training rooms quiet.  Oh what a time we live in. 


Who on earth could have foreseen what's happened since the pandemic hit in early 2020?

Desert Cactus Landscape

Thriving, even surviving in the current environment, is tough.  Then again life can be tough, just ask people, animals or plants living in a desert.   But just like the Bedouin, camels and cacti have evolved to thrive in harsh desert conditions, we too can adapt and ultimately thrive in this new world. 

So what do we need to do in order to survive and thrive?

The answer is helping our employees and our communities.   For when people are engaged, they are empowered and empowered people are committed people who work to achieve goals. 

That's where we come in, for we're all about empowering people to be the best that they can be and thereby helping as many of us as possible to not just survive, but to thrive.  

Desert Views

about us

Our founder originally qualified as a solicitor and specialised in tax, working for many years within the Big 4.  So we know all about respecting our clients' privacy and we don't reveal our clients' names.  After all, who wants to admit they've called in outside help to assist their employees with issues such as presentation training or coaching on developing better pitches.  

But we are happy to reveal public courses we've delivered on presenation skills and pitching for others, including The Law Society and Lexus Nexus.


We're not just about big legal type organisations though.  We've ran a very different pitching workshop to budding writers at The Sheffield Mountain Film Festival.


IMG_4917 (2).JPG

She's also appeared on live television and has been a guest on national radio on several occasions, where she has spoken on empowering and educating people through entertaining stories.  

Remember please do get in touch to find out more, and if you'd like to discover more about empowering, educating and entertaining, through sharing stories, why not subscribe to the magazine we produce Adventure She, which is available at


Should you be looking for a motivational speaker, our founder Jane Harries,  has also delivered several motivational talks on issues such as:


  • the importance of attitude;

  • utilising gratitude to live a more fulfilling life; and

  • dealing with fear and change. 


about our magazine

In business many women complain there aren't enough role models.  We say there's lot of role models out there, it's just hard to sometimes read about them.  Adventure She magazine is designed to overcome that problem.


Through Adventure She, which is a digital magazine that is available to people across the globe, we aim to empower, educate and entertain, by sharing the stories of women who have achieved,  women who have overcome challenges and women who are leading the way.   

The latest issue includes a detailed interview with former New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark, who also served two terms as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, the UN's third most powerful role.  There's also an article on setting up a charity that aims to improve relations between farmers and elephants in Tanzania,  and articles on issues such as fear, resilience and leadership.   

Why not get in touch with us to see how Adventure She magazine could help develop your employees through sharing stories that empower, educate and entertain. 

Desert Cactus Landscape
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