PITCH training

The Issue

Today's competitive environment means to thrive, organisations need to be able to both deliver and win pitches.  But, organisations often leave the preparation of pitches to the last minute, thereby harming their chances of success and wasting time, money and effort. 

With rival organisations increasingly putting a lot of effort into their pitches, it's more essential than ever for each organisation to deliver the best pitch possible, if it is going to have a chance of winning that pitch.

The Solution

We understand many employees in organisations are already inundated with work and struggle to find time to prepare brilliant pitches. 

We can help your organisation by training your people, firstly on how to identify pitches that are worth winning and secondly on how to deliver a pitch that has impact.

training needs analysis

The Issue

Organisations and employees often feel let down by training, believing training courses do not deliver what they promised. 
Training departments are often overloaded. 
Some organisations see training as an unnecessary expenses. 
Employees struggle with every changing rule changes and insufficient time to do their work, let alone attend training. 
Training starts to become viewed as an unnecessary evil or even worse, a waste of time and effort. 
Competitors are somehow forging ahead, as they embrace new opportunities revealed through the right people completing the right course at the right time.

The Solution

We can work with your organisation to ensure time, money and effort spent on training:

  • helps your organisation attain its business goals; and
  • helps your employees achieve their own career goals within that organisation. 

We provide an independent fresh set of eyes and can work with and alongside (not against) your current training team, to ensure your training budget and the efforts of your employees, are spent wisely, so that everyone gets the best possible return on their training investment.  Most importantly, we believe each organisation is unique and therefore needs its own custom made solution, as opposed to a generic one solution fits all approach.

We can also help you evaluate the impact of training on your qualified staff, thereby providing you with clear data regarding how successful the training has been, in meeting the needs of both the business and your qualified staff.  

train the trainer

The Issue

​Technical experts may not always make the best trainers, accidentally overwhelming attendees with information, or mumbling their way through presentations, or being so enthusiastic their manner distracts from the knowledge they are trying to share. 

The Solution

We can work with your in-house technical experts so they also become superb trainers, thereby helping ensure attendees at your in-house training sessions get the most of out each session, and are better equipped to provide your clients with workable solutions to real problems. 

presentation skills training

The Issue

Employees at multiple levels in an organisation are often asked to deliver presentations, possible examples being a technical update to clients, a motivational speech or a business update to staff.

Unfortunately presentations often lack substance, or contain too much information for the audience to take in, or are simple boring leaving the audience asleep, thereby wasting the time and effort of both the presenter and the attendees. 

Businesses can no longer afford to waste time, money and effort with presentations that do not achieve their objective.

As with pitching, given rival organisations increasingly putting a lot of effort into their presentations, now it's more important than ever for presentations to meet their objectives, if the audience (whether clients,  employees or others), are to stay engaged.

The Solution

We understand many employees in organisations are already inundated with work and struggle to find time to prepare truly impactful presentations, that can really inspire the audience be they employees, clients or others. 

We can help your organisation by training your people on how to prepare and deliver presentations that have impact and which truly motivate and / or educate the audience. 

change management

The Issue

The history of business shows multiple change management projects fail. 

The Solution

Through our change management training, we can help you better deliver on your change management projects, whether they are introducing a new training system, a new IT system or another type of project. 

We achieve this by training your change teams, so they are better equipped to deal with issues such as fear, insecurity and resistance to change, as these issues are frequently the real cause of problems during times of organisational change.​​​